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Injustice to family member who has been in the family for many yearsInjustice to family member who has been in the family for many years

Human Rights »Posted 18 Sep 2016 Post Answer

legal question Our Tenants is giving our high chief and his family $2,000 in rent from last year 2015 February till today. The tenants are only giving us $500 a month. My parents are the ones on the Lease Agreements that was signed by our late high chief Aipopo. These tenants were in disagreement with my parents wanting to raise the rent after paying a range of 1,800- $2,500 a month for twenty plus years. Their business improved and they are expanding with a wholesale warehouse business and they didn\\\'t want to raise their rent so they decided to involve our high chief in the deal. My parent (mom) had told them not to involve our high chief but they went ahead and involved him in this. Our high chief has tried to get my mom to sign a new lease created by their lawyer/ them but my mom said no that is not what I agreed too. My mom died in April of this year 2016 and I am her only daughter. We live on a communal land which we the family members have the duty of paying out money to help other family members with weddings, funerals, and court cases that deals with the family which is called \\\"tautua\\\".
I need help!

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